An Honest Review of WORX WX550L

If you have woodworking projects, then you need tools that can handle any task regardless of size. An ordinary Jigsaw is suitable for cutting but may not be ideal for cutting delicate places like tight corners. A WORX WX550L 20V AXIS Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw is a versatile tool that alternates between two functions. Below here we have a comprehensive review of this handheld device.

What is WORX WX550L?

The WORX WX550L is a two in one tool that features a jigsaw and reciprocating saw. This tool has a pivoting head alternating between the two saws in seconds. With this tool, you’re assured of clean and neat cuts since it features an orbital blade that cuts in a circular motion. 

This cordless tool is lightweight and portable, thus giving a variety of options when working on your indoors and outdoors projects. It’s a multi-purpose device for cutting a variety of materials such as wood, tile, metal, and plastic.

WORX WX550L An Honest Review of WORX WX550L

Key Features

  • Pivoting head design
  • Inbuilt blower
  • Compact design
  • Orbital blade
  • Weighs 4.2 pounds
  • Overall dimension 9X5X6.5
  • Voltage 20V Max
  • No-load speed of 3000/Minute

Pivoting head design

WORX WX550L is a multi-set device that combines flexibility, performance, and versatility. It features a two in one configuration that easily converts from a jigsaw to a reciprocating saw and back. The swivel head switches the modes automatically within seconds. Because of this, you’ll get value for money since you’ll save money by buying one tool instead of two. 

Versatile blade

It has a versatile blade that cuts a wide variety of materials. From wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, pipes to steel, the list is endless.

This boosts productivity since you can put the tool into a variety of uses. It’s perfect for making cuts for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Some projects need a reliable tool, and it can make cuts on rough material, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical applications.

Inbuilt blower

Safety comes first when you’re working on your woodworking projects. These produce a lot of dust that can block your view. 

The cordless saw performs exceptionally since it has an inbuilt blower that gets rid of dust and tiny particles from your work surface. This not only gives you a clear cut but also gives a neat working area.

Compact design

It features a compact design and weighs only 4.2 pounds with an overall dimension of 9X5X6.5 inches. Thus, this boosts your mobility and enables neat cuts. Since its lightweight, you can work without getting tired quickly.

Versatile Orbital blade

Unlike classic blades that would cut materials back and forth, the WORX WX550L uses a circular motion that ensures efficiency. This allows you to work on your pieces faster without straining your hands. There’s no need to worry about misalignment since the engine works simultaneously to give you an effective and steady cut.

Uses a wide variety of blades

The WX550L uses a wide range of standard blades. It’s compatible with a tshank saw and reciprocating saw blades and gives you a variety of options. The blade system changes to accommodate the type of blade depending on the material. This lets you cut wood, PVC, ceramic, metal, and more effortlessly.

Powered by a universal battery

Any 20V battery can power this machine. It’s also an advantage since you can use it indoors and outdoors. The battery is sharable, and you can use it with other tools around the home, such as gardening tools.

LED light button

There is a LED light button that’s activated by the trigger. Therefore, it alerts you when you prompt the switch. This light also boosts visibility and illuminates your working area.


Why You buy WORX WX550L?

The WX550L is a money saver. It’s a multi-purpose tool you can use for your wood cutting projects. Since it’s cordless, it uses a 20V battery, which is sharable with other tools around the home, such as gardening tools. Therefore, there’s no need to buy several batteries, and this saves you money. 

The saw has a two in one design of a jigsaw and a reciprocating saw. This feature makes it a versatile tool for cutting various materials ranging from wood, metal, tiles to ceramics.

Instead of cluttering your working area with many tools, the WX550L cordless reciprocating saw is a multi-purpose tool that will also save on space and storage.

The saw will give you value for money since it’s made of high-quality material build to lasts. Therefore, there’ll be few or no repairs and replacement costs. 

The WORX WX550L has an inbuilt dust blower that protects you while you work. This unique feature traps specks of dust and other debris, therefore, protecting your eyes from dust exposure. Further, there is an LED light feature that shines brightly and lights your working area, thus boosting visibility.

You are guaranteed of high performance since it has an orbital blade that cuts in a circular motion. Your cuts will come out clean and neat. Similarly, you’ll not get tired even when working on large projects that require moving around due to a fast operation. 

The compact design makes it a portable tool you can carry for your woodworking projects within the workshop or outdoors.

What we like

  • Has a pivoting head that alternates between a jigsaw to a reciprocating saw in a matter of seconds.
  • Inbuilt blower ensures a clean surface
  • Uses a universal 20V battery
  • Compatible with a variety of blades
  • Has a compact design, thus easy to work with and store
  • Lightweight and portable

What we dislike

  • It’s not easy to operate the safety switch while working
  • Shorter battery life

Final words

The WORX WX550L is an amazing device for use in woodworking projects. It’s pivoting head device converts from a jigsaw to a reciprocating saw in seconds. This makes it a useful tool around the workshop since it saves on storage and gives you value for money. The orbital blades ensure a smooth cut and offer a variety of options when it comes to blade selection.

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